A Prototype in Progress

Ambitious Applications – Bed-frame One  

An artwork and place of reflection and mindfulness.

…for people with minds constantly clouded and overwhelmed by their thoughts.

Lying in this space a person consciously readjusts from the world outside of the work into the world of the work, it is important to add also that this bed be not a place of gross spectacle, a somewhat aesthetically modest art object with designed purpose. In my perspective, one aim for this project is that from the point an audience is inside that person will start to put different values on the sounds, smells, sights and tastes they experience and evaluate each sense. Some bulleted suggestions for research of my project below.

  • A place for transfiguration  (complete transformation into a more beautiful or spiritual state)
  • Beauty: the combination of attributes
  • Behavioural Setting Theory
  • Flow


I propose a team to assist in building and conceptualisation of this design/furniture work. Research into Psychology or collaborating with psychology could be an important avenue to take as well as trailing the effects of works like this and this work on people with different mental states.




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