Entry 1/5

George Khut’s Heart Library and Brian Enos 77 Million Paintings for Montefiore  hospital project among the artists cited for these particular sensory works with practical aplications:

George Khut:
Khut’s Heart Library is an interactive artwork designed for hospitals (…health/wellness centers, schools, and art galleries). The participant rests below a ceiling mounted video projection, in the projection is a mirror image of the participant (created with a hidden video camera). Heart rate controlled audio-visuals with audience participation means the projected imagery changes in color as their heart rate gets faster or slower.

“…to create a unique environment where people can reflect, explore and share experiences connected to ideas of embodiment, body-mind and presence”.

“Participants see their own body as if floating above them – like a reverse out-of-body experience”.


Brian Eno:
Brian Eno has designed ambient “healing zones/healing environments” in the Montefiore hospital in the UK with the goal of creating a “serene atmosphere” where patients and visitors can visit these rooms featuring  “generative music”“to think, take stock or simply relax.”


‘These designs enhance the hospital’s architectural aim of “three dimensional, all-embracing means of treating patients.” ‘.

Brian Eno will heal the sick with hospital light-and-sound installations

Entry 1/5

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