Entry 2/5

At this point I had been discussing in my group possible sensors that could co-operate with Arduino in the most effective way for the experience of a healing space, like the ones of Khut and Eno in ‘Entry 1’.

I would start by looking at how the body is understood anatomically and represented in art throughout time. I had come to understand the body as a structure, groups of ligaments and muscles, all tightly clamped together to form various contours and expressions. Purchasing and studying books of anatomy helped me to understand the function, and limitations of body.


Recognizing functions and limitations of the body is one thing but for the scope of research required i must grasp the reasoning used in the intellectual mind with regards to art, I travel to the National Art School (NAS) in Sydney to discuss with drawing lecturer Joseph Frost.

“Rhythm and repetition helps to lead the eye through the work in a structured manner”
-Joseph Frost (Lecturer NAS).

This was a key explained to me for when attempting to deconstruct the feature image (above: Cezanne’s ‘Madame Cezanne in the red armchair’). This meticulous planning and thought put into the way in which humans see would bring me to insinuations put forward by theorist Michel Foucault on the inception of sexuality. As sexuality is a conscious process only, relatively to mammals, recently introduced.

Entry 2/5

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