Entry 4/5


When thinking of the way we see those literal connections in structure, the connections between geometric and organic shapes (Gormley, Otto), these connections are dependent on each other to fortify the structure as are personal/social connections essential to the well-being of humans.

After many iterations of designs and prototypes I have decided definitely to focus on the juxtaposition of geometric-esque of structure and the organic nature of fabric, I have decided, firstly that this installation must be enclosed but not like a claustrophobic womb, secondly the installation must be an effective surface to project onto.

Mat Wall-Smith (UOW) demonstrated a possible sound element during class using Pure Data and Abelton Live which we could incorporate into this project. using the sound information received by a laptops internal microphone the program (Pure Data) converts the information into oscillating midi data and sent to Abelton Live (or any program that can take midi and an input, like Garage band) and played back through a synthesizer.  This could be installed in the center of the structure and play sounds from outside in to the participants inside the structure.

Entry 4/5

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