Sensory Cocoon (2016)

Sensory Cocoon
Courtney Hume, Daniel De Filippo, Deniz Balabay, Keely Mortlock.
Panama stretch polyester, video projection, arduino, capacitive touch sensor, aluminum.

Artist Statement:
An immersive and cooperative field, where participants come together to share in an experience of light, rhythm, sound and intimacy. Inspired by Andrew Goodmans ‘Orgasmatron (spaces to make love in)’ (2013), we have created a residence for audience members to intimately connect with one another through the personal sense of touch. Visuals and audio of a heart beat, flirtatious body language and orange mandalas of the sacral chakra gradually intensify by the means of interaction of who is present within the cocoon. While the physical touch of your friend or a stranger grows, so does the sensual presence within the space.

Group Contributions:
Each of the members contributed to the concept, research and installation of the work. Courtney complied the footage and audio for the projection, Daniel constructed the cocoon structure, Deniz worked on the Arduino and the code, as well as constructing the sensor cube and Keely created the prototype of the sensor.

Sensory Cocoon (2016)

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