Week 1, post mortem 

Week 1 & week 2

Although I had achieved my artistic goals last semester, in gaining appreciation for the artists I am surrounded by; my classmates and tutors, I severeley lacked the organisational skills required to maintain the desired practice and process of the artist I want to become. At its core I found the fault due to poor literary reflective documentation. I was able to keep some consistant documentation, though failed in the necessary writing to explain and interrogate the materials and concepts I was attempting to address.

Now in my third year and final year of undergraduate university studies, I am told this is the part where people start getting tense…and this first week seems to be aimed at the tension. What is your motivation? That was the first question our tutor (Jo Law PHD) asked (then she had us look through the classifieds). The first goal of this semester, because I could easily tell anyone I am a motivated artist, anyone who knows me could see my arty enthusiasm. It takes more than enthusiasm to know why I ART, I must explian why I ART. An artist cannot take on this problem by seeking validation from their peers or trying to get good grades. The grades are a guide and your peers are support, to think otherwise will trivialise your reason for attempting the degree in the first place. I am in the process of my second goal, this is to habitate my art space. Together with my partner, Ness, my share-house garage will convert into a fully operational art station. A practice studio to continue to build on previous art-making (Previous work).

Importantly, and this is another reminder, keep up-to-date with assignments. This year I have begun an internship with NPO Beyond Empathy, for which I will be posting on here. Finally, as of this week I am on the committee one of the digital media curators for University of Wollongong’s Graduation Show exhibition given the duties of representing students at commitee meetings and the streamlining of the show’s funding.


Your motivation is in ‘the things you make that speak for you’ -Jo Law

Researching/readings to do throughout the week:

  • How does David Walsh find added value in his “amateurism”?
  • How do we manage the uncomfortable coupling between profit and passion?
  • Read essay by Pascal Gielen ‘creativity and other fundamentalisms
Week 1, post mortem 

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