Week 3. 

Nothing To See Here. Reflection.

An opportunity to exhibit can bring out a lot in a person. There were a few trials my friends, Deniz Balabay, Courtney Hume and I had to go through in the lead up to this show. The biggest trouble was after the festival. University of Wollongong’s student initiated Nothing To See Here is an arts festival showcasing students collaborative artworks. The trouble was that on the night, not all the collaborators on our work, Sensory Cocoon, were given credit.

Once accepted into the festival I was asked to come to campus to choose from their selection of spaces to exhibit the work. One space was a UoW staff kitchenette (low ceiling, nothing to hang the work from), the other was a music practice room (essentially a large soundproof closet), and finally, the other was a space outside the front door. The front door was ideal as there was enough room on either side so as to make the most of the projector’s light, and with some affordable resources any excess lightcould also be managed.

With each new installation of this sensor structure, construction become quicker.


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