Beyond Empathy Post Three

Blog Description:
These Beyond Empathy blog posts document my internship with the not-for-profit organisation Beyond Empathy (BE). BE works in the community: making art and fighting social disadvantage. You can see the previous post here, and the first post here.
Phone Conference 
This post follows a phone conference with Phil and Gemma (Beyond Empathy), Tessa Parsons (stage manager ), Toby, Leland (Merrigong coordinator), Taryn (IPAC), and myself to discuss duties and logistics in the lead up to the Blue Rose installation event taking place from the 20th-21st of October. The agenda of this meeting was to discuss each installation space; covering questions of equipment, space, logistics, safety and feasibility. Taryn gets measurements of the various spaces. Leland, Toby, and BE (Gemma and Phil) workout a timeline for what gets done and how long each job will take. A breakdown is written for the next few weeks: 
  1. Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th Set Up
  2. Wed 19th Set Up and Training for Personnel
  3. Thursday 20th and Friday 21st  Running the work.

Leland discusses with IPACS cafe (the Social) to have snacks and drinks served for the ‘Meeting Place: Cup of Tea’ in the IMB Foyer 

Taryn requests the equipment needed,  trusses and truss arches. These trusses are to holduta10-arc4-0808-2 the large projector over the ‘Meeting Place’ table for the infrared projection on the moving serving tray. For ‘fast space’ one of the IMB VOM’s will be used for a large screen to be mounted in front of a central spaceship cockpit installed with buttons that will alter video played, trigger whirring fans, and sci-fi sound effects. I will assist Toby with wiring the electronics for these at his Sydney home.
Toby gets Ben Boehm on board (pun intended) to build the spaceship cockpit in his workshop. Ben is an installation builder for large-scale artistic events such as Psyfari, while Toby has worked on interactive art works at venues which include the Sydney Opera House. This combination of talent and experience should result in not only a high quality of work but also good media coverage for the event. Toby will  prepare the software for the spaceship at his home and the whole thing will be rigged together in the IPAC loading dock.  
Toby has drawn up a detailed design, he will create hyperspace-type visuals. Aw yeah. 
Phil and Leland had decided that the “water” space or projection would be let go…and water imagery would be incorporated into the other spaces, the “Movement and Texture” space in the Bob Peet room.  An ‘Echo Floor’ will be used in the “Movement and Texture” space as Merrigong may be able to supply a tarquette that could be used as the floor’s screen. Toby would provide a mirror to bounce the image down onto the floor. as the room is small and it would not be feasible to project straight down onto it.
We discussed having a “road” on the floor between the spaces; arrows to connect them. Leland will be following up re: parking spaces for disability organisations this week.
The spaces are now set in stone and people working on the project have been assigned their tasks; I will be assisting Toby in Sydney next week and  the others will be working on each other part of the event. Negotiating the event as groups of different objectives means every group leader must be informed on progress. So, each week there must be phone conferences catching everyone up on progress.  I realise as an artist, with creative opinions, skills, and enthusiasm there, is an urge to add to a project like this, but, there is also an important necessity in allowing leaders to delegate what goes where and when. This means you avoid getting your wires crossed. 
Phil sent me a project outline and flyer that I put into an email, asking to borrow projectors from a technical officer at the Innovation Campus. 

Flyer cover design:Capture
Beyond Empathy Post Three

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