Beyond Empathy Post Four

Blog Description:
These Beyond Empathy blog posts document my internship with the not-for-profit organisation Beyond Empathy (BE). BE works in the community: making art and fighting social disadvantage. You can see the previous post here, and the first post here.

In the editing room with Beyond Empathy over the last three weeks observing how to ‘edit for rhythm’. Phillip Crawford (BE project leader) explains that a lot to do with watching film is about how the brain processes lengths of shots between cuts. This process is a lot like music; different kinds of music have shorter or longer gaps between the ‘beats’. Even if we’re watching a video and don’t notice if the length of a shot is too long or too short,our brain notices something’s up. So we’re like, ‘hey, what just happened?’.  In this video (below) made by myself and Gemma Parsons (BE project worker), take a look at how rhythm is played with. The short shots in quick succession show excitement and move the pace along, while, longer shots are more reflective and promote thought.

Today working near Lake Illawarra on the ‘Pelican’ story-line (previous work on protection film here). We meet up with a ‘pelican wrangler’, pick up trash as part of the scene and discuss with photographer and visual effects artist Emma Korhonen on how to animate the pelican. Our obedient model sat still for his close-up…


Blue Rose Update
Phil prepares what is involved with the Blue Rose event,  organising materials for a workshop on creating sensory environments, this will be a forum where parents and carers can share ideas and knowledge and share in a conversation about creating sensory environments at home.

Beyond Empathy – POST FIVE

Beyond Empathy Post Four

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