Week 7. Bundanon siteworks 

Inter-disciplinary artist Chris Anderson Guest lecturered the media arts class describing his role working with the Bundanon Trust particularly his work on the annual Siteworks festival. Chris had previously done projection artwork for 2015’s siteworks.

At the end of class there was a list students could sign if they were interested in volunteering for Siteworks this year. I signed.

This post will be my account for some of my experiences at the Bundanon Siteworks 2016.

The Bundanon Trust’s objective is to celebrate the importance of Arts and the Australian landscape, with an emphasise on education. The property, near Nowra, is made up of two sites, Siteworks is set up at a different site each year. The first site is the main administration office, this is where I started. I was folding flyers and loading soft-drink and booze onto a truck. I  get into the track to go the the second site, where Siteworks is being held this year. I am shown around the property.

I would describe my Bundanon experience as like being in a giant playground, a huge yard for artists to play in and take some time off from the stresses of modern life. It is my opinion that contemporary art is painted with ideas and thought. Bundanon offers a refuge which nurture thought.

Week 7. Bundanon siteworks 

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