Beyond Empathy Post Five 

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These Beyond Empathy blog posts document my internship with the not-for-profit organisation Beyond Empathy (BE). BE works in the community: making art and fighting social disadvantage. You can see the previous post here, and the first post here.

BIG GROUP MEETINGimg_0942img_0944-1

Toby crops out the IPAC blueprint and uses it to quickly begin laying out a design for the Bob Peet space. The Bob Peet rehearsal room will house the majority of our sensory type works, the Sensory cocoons with soft pillows (circles below), and the Echo Floor (large rectangle below) which uses an Xbox Kinect’s infra-red camera to detect motion on the floor below, then, a powerful projector throws video and image next to the movement.img_0965

Toby’s House, Sydney

Today I caught the train into Sydney to help put together the electronics for the spaceship console (this console is described in Post Three). How many people can say that? Not including electrical engineers from NASA. Toby’s vision from the controls had a 1980’s retro theme. He’d purchased these blue and red arcade buttons (below) from eBay that screw into the shiny metal cut for the project.


One problem we found was getting the wires to connect to a central interface. The cables did not seem long enough. Using a number system to order the two (red and the blue) we were able to neatly connect all buttons. This numbering also means Toby can precisely catalogue each button when the time comes to program them.


Here we are wiring alphanumeric screens to Arduino Mega boards. An Arduino board is like a tiny programmable computer; it connects to a computer which downloads and stores onto it a set of instructions. Toby is researching (below) and testing how to write the code (the instructions) so the Arduino can tell the screens what to display.


Beyond Empathy – POST SIX

Beyond Empathy Post Five 

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