Beyond Empathy Post Six

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These Beyond Empathy blog posts document my internship with the not-for-profit organisation Beyond Empathy (BE). BE works in the community: making art and fighting social disadvantage. You can see the previous post here, and the first post here.

Blue Rose Bump In:


The flyers are out in the IPAC (Illawarra Performing Arts Centre) foyer and the spaceship cockpit for the ‘Fast Space’ arrives and is assembled on site and its electronics added. Everyone rushes between jobs to get the finishing touches done.


Tessa explains the uses and effectiveness of ‘French Braces’ a brace construction technique designed for stage. Easily built and packed away, the brace is fixed to the ‘flat’ with a hinge so it can fold to be stored conveniently. A ‘flat’ is essentially a false wall, usually made of plywood or MDF, which can be painted or cut and used for film or theatre. I used this technique when presenting my major work prototype for my media arts subject. The French Braces will be used to hold up a screen for the ‘Shadow Space’.

img_0963The ‘Sensory Cocoons’ arrive and their positions are plotted out on the floor of the Bob Peet room. As shown in the last post in Toby’s floor plan design. I’m a little sceptical of whether these will look any good; they were only bought the day before, from IKEA and for only $15 each. Wollongong council has loaned us a powerful projector (powerful only relative to the projectors we have) to use for the Echo Floor, though we encounter some img_0961difficulties when getting this heavy machine onto the lighting bar. It is awkward to handle at a such a height. A potential work place safety concern we realise is the clamp holding the projector is for a different model and may not hold this projector’s weight. This takes a few phone calls between council and the IPAC people to rectify. The clamp was in the dressing room.

Beyond Empathy – POST SEVEN

Beyond Empathy Post Six

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