Week 10 & 11. Jelly Fish Poetic Aesthetic

A language divide in this work brings a tension that, only recently have i noticed, has helped to shape this work.between Zoe and I the word ‘Jelly Fish’ poetically lends itself to different interpretations . The ‘con’ of not being able to communicate with a great deal of spoken language becomes a ‘pro’. Zoe is making her Jelly Fish with a plush doll aesthetic using her skills in teddy bear making.


I am starting to think the Graduation Show, the pressure of a final show has affected my mind and I spiral into self doubt. I’m talking with an artist who used to work in the police force, let’s call him Joe. Joe comforts me by explaining that in his experience depression is a normal reaction to an assault. So I practice a mindfulness breathing meditation. It is difficult not to be self conscious of the mark on my face which could translate to me being abusive as much as it could victimpeople I walk past.


Day 1-4

After an assault in Wollongong city I was in hospital for three nights with broken nose and a fractured cheek. I documented how my face mended.

Day 6


Week 10 & 11. Jelly Fish Poetic Aesthetic

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