Week 14. Jellyfish Petting Zoo 

The jellyfish is known as a weed species. In the last two decades jellyfish have grown in size and number. This is mostly due to the rise sea temperatures. This invasive creature thrives in the heat whereas other ocean live and coral does not.

Petting zoos can be described as a ‘meeting place’ for different species and humans. For this petting zoo we have designed Moon Jellyfish.

Because this work is about the relationship between jellyfish and the temperature of the water they inhabit so the fabric used to make the sculptures is warm to the touch. Normally, you would find jellyfish in an aquarium but, because of their position in this installation, the role is reversed as the jellyfish play the part of the humans visiting the petting zoo. Positioned above. 

They shock by dropping down onto the audience; they’re just trying to pat you!  The work’s movement has been inspired by William Forsythe’s large pendulum installation, ‘Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time’ (2016) and the jellyfish aesthetic of Ken Rinaldo’s interactive robot sculpture series, ‘Autopoiesis’ (2005). 

Week 14. Jellyfish Petting Zoo 

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